About Me

My name is Suzanne. I have been cooking for my large family for 25 years. It has really taken that long for me to finally arrive in a place where cooking doesn’t cause me stress or great aggravation. I have had success, epic fails, and amazing triumphs.

My objective is not to be a food blogger. There are some great food bloggers out there and I use many of their recipes. Don’t expect me to provide any narrative or funny stories to go along with a recipe in the catalogue either.

I am also not a chef and will never be one (I respect them too much to even come close to putting myself in that category). I will not claim to be some great recipe developer either, because I am not. I consider myself a copycat…. meaning someone who spends a lot of time reading and making other people’s recipes.

I want to help people who do not want to try cooking for a variety of reasons. They find it’s intimidating, too complex, too much effort, or just a fear of failure. I am also concerned for the X-Y-Z’s gens out there. They may enjoy watching endless 3-min videos of someone in Korea making a funky egg sandwich, but that is not encouraging them to pick up the whisk or spatula and give it a try themselves. I don’t think they have seen the appeal and satisfaction of cooking and eating their own meal. We have created a whole generation of UberEats Eaters. This includes my own children.

I also want to help even experienced cooks who would like to be more efficient and save some time. As much as I do enjoy cooking, there are days I do not, especially after a very long workday. So why not make the process efficient and stress-free to get that meal on the table and some time to chill?

Shop It! Mise It! Make It! is a different approach to shopping, prepping, and cooking your meal. Keep an open mind and let’s get started! All I ask is that you try it once, see what sticks!